How it Works

    1. Find a ride

    Enter an address/post code or city to find Electric Vehicles (EV) owners near you. 

    If you need more information, click the About Me link under the profile picture of the EV owner on the search result page to check the trusted profiles of all our drivers, with photo, mini bio and ratings left by other members.

  2. 2. Book for free or pay online

    You can find Free or Paid test rides on the vehicle search page. Simply raise a test ride request from the EV owner vehicle page, entering your date, pick up location and drop off location. Your test ride request will be displayed on your dashboard.

    The EV owner will be immediately notified of your booking, where they can either approve, decline or reschedule.

  3. 3. Meet up for your ride

    Get to your agreed meeting point on time, and take your test ride. If it is a paid test ride, after the test ride, click on the confirm test ride on your dashboard so that the EV owner can be paid by trymyev.

    Remember to leave a rating for your driver after the ride, it means they’re more likely to leave one for you!


  1. 1. Offer a ride (Free Or Paid)

    List your Electric Vehicle on the site for free. You can chose to list for free or set a price that suits you. Upload the best pictures of you Electric Vehicle (EV) with a brief discription about yourself i.e when you are free and location you prefer to meet passengers.

  2. 2. Your passengers book and pay online

    You will recieve a test ride request from interested passengers. You can choose to accept, reschedule or decline a test ride requests. You can send a message to the passenger on your dashboard if you need more information.

  3. 3. Meet up with the passenger and get paid

    Meet up with the passenger at the agreed location and on time. If it is a paid test ride, make sure the passenger confirms the test ride so that trymyev can transfer your funds to you.



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Why Go Electric?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have helped owners save money on fuel, maintenance costs and help reduce CO2 emissions. There are many different reasons why you should invest in an electric vehicle today.


Cheaper to fuel, as electricity is cheaper than petrol/diesel. Fewer moving parts means EVs requires less maintenance. Great government incentives are available.

Great to drive:

Electric cars have instant acceleration and provide a smoother drive compared to traditional cars.

Low Maintenance:

Fewer moving parts means electric vehicles require fewer visits to the service station, therefore saving money.

Ultra low Emissions:

Electric vehicles produce ultra low emissions, therefore reducing toxic gases in the environment, especially in crowded city centres.

Getting popular:

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity due to their obvious advantages. Popular manufacturers include BMW, Nissan, Kia & Tesla.

Reduced Noise Pollution:

Electric vehicles help reduce noise pollution as they have no engine or exhaust pipe.

How it Works

Step 1. Search for a local EV owner

Enter a post code or city to find EV owners near you.

Step 2. Book a test drive

Book a test ride with an EV owner near you. Test rides are free.

Step 3. Meet up and enjoy your test drive

After the test ride is complete, simply leave a review.

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